GST Audit & Annual Return


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The GST Audit would be undertaken for the first time, and therefore, demands significant preparation from both the auditor and the auditee. The GST audit requires deep understanding of the GST laws, applicability of the various notifications, circulars, clarifications, classification of goods and / or services, the nature of supplies, the manner of availment of credits together with its allowability or otherwise, maintenance of various records and documents specified therein, requirements of reporting and source of information, understanding of the business of the auditee etc. Apart from these issues, it is imperative that an auditor understands the basic functioning of the e-governance model.

The audit coverage of all these records and documents would need substantial amount of preparation and time. Hence, it is imperative for a company to get ready due for GST Audit. One of the ways to achieve this is to have the GST Periodic Audit conducted well in time.



Section 35(5) of CGST Act 2017 read with Rule 80(3) requires a registered taxable person with turnover of more than Rs.2 crore in a year to get his books of account audited by a chartered accountant or cost accountant. The due date for submission of audited financial accounts including reconciliation statement for a financial year would be 31st December of subsequent year.

GST Audit would cover following aspects:

      • Review of outward supplies declared in return to ensure that it included all outward supplies made
      • Review of inward supplies declared in return to ensure that it included all inward supplies made
      • Review of all deductions claimed including sales returns, abatements, exemptions
      • Review of classification, rate of goods according to provisions of GST
      • Assessment of registrations obtained
      • Review of input tax credits claimed on inputs, input services and capital goods
      • Review of reconciliation statements are to be filed along with GST audit report.
      • Conducting audit in accordance with all other requirements as per GST Act